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Jiaao He

Formal Name: Jiaao He English Name: Rick Ho Common ID: laekov Personal E-mail: laekov.h [at] gmail [dot] com Work E-mail: hja20 [at] ORCID: 0000-0001-8578-5158 Google Scholar Profile here is a photo of me Bio Jiaao He is a PhD candidate at the Institute of High-Performance Computing, Department of Comperter Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. His current research interests include distributed systems for tensors with sparsity. He has developed FastMoE, the world’s first open-source distributed training framework for Mixture-of-Experts models based on PyTorch....

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Text Key Encode base64 Ceasar (needs key to be a number) Vigenere (needs key to be a string) MD5 SHA1

November 27, 2017 · 1 min · laekov

Two key MST

laekov naiiiiiiiiive 问题 一个无向图 (G), 每条边 (e) 有两个边权 (a_e, b_e). 求一个生成树 (T) 使得 ( (\sum_{e \in T} a_e) * ( \sum_{e \in T} b_e) ) 最小. 多项式算法就是胜利w. 原题 搜 bzoj2395. 这网站里搜可以找到代码. 一个未成形的算法 正确性和时间复杂度都待证 qwq. 感觉是对的. 但是严格证明 qaq. 已经脱离理论计算机科学界太久了. 假设我们有一个生成树的序列 ( Q ) 和一个生成树池 ( P ). 算法如下 对 ( a ) 这一个权值跑出一个最小生成树 ( T_0 ). 把 ( T_0 ) 作为 ( Q ) 里的第一个元素. 取出 ( Q ) 里的最后一棵生成树 ( T )....

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